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Austria: David Reinbacher not invited to the World Championship

It’s now December. What this means is that the World Junior Championship is just around the corner, which will take up part of our holiday season.

On the Canadian side, we know that Lane Hutson and Jacob Fowler, two Americans, have received invitations to their team’s camp. Let’s face it, they should make the club.

But there are other guys to keep an eye on in other countries.

For example? Among the Austrians, we note that David Reinbacher and Vinzenz Rohrer, two Flannel hopefuls who don’t make the same kind of noise, were candidates.

Rohrer will not be there, due to injury.

And finally, on the sidelines of Austria’s invitation list unveiling, we learn that the Canadian’s first choice in 2023 was not invited. He will therefore be absent.

Of course, you have to wonder why Reinbacher won’t be there. Was it Austria who chose not to invite him because of the strength of the squad? You know very well that’s not it.

Did Reinbacher’s Swiss team decide to keep him? You’d think they might have.

But above all, it’s possible that the main interested party isn’t necessarily interested in the project, knowing that his country won’t be playing in the first division this year.

It’s worth noting that two men who have been following the youngster’s progress didn’t seem to be holding their breath about the possibility of seeing the Austrian wear his country’s colors.


If this is really his decision, you have to wonder whether he would have been better off choosing to dominate against a (truly) inferior caliber, or whether he’ll learn more by staying with his Swiss club, Kloten.

After all, even if he’s not always perfect, he’s still running well this year – especially since the change of coach.

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