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For $195, Youppi! comes to your seat at the Bell Centre
For several years now, the majority of prices at the Bell Centre to see the Montreal Canadiens have been meaningless.

Whether it’s the price of food and beverages at the concessions, or simply the price of tickets, it’s all very expensive.

And that’s not about to change, on the contrary, as prices keep going up year after year, even if the team isn’t performing on the ice right now given the current rebuild.

In short, prices are exorbitant, and it’s really sad to see that the “people’s team” is becoming less and less accessible.

It’s even sadder when you see a new, completely ridiculous CH promo/offer.

If you have two tickets, for $195 (+ taxes), the Tricolore mascot, Youppi!, will visit you at your seat for a few minutes.

Yes, for $195, a man in costume will come and say hello, and maybe do a little dance for you if you’re nice and friendly.

The offer applies to all games at the Bell Centre.

The offer is called Folie Fourrure qui te fourre.

For $400, do I get the METAL! mascot to come and see me, too, and do a slow dance with Youppi!

It’s completely indecent, and seriously, it’s laughing in the face of Tricolore fans.

Seriously, who’s going to pay more than $200 for a visit from Youppi! a mascot who used to be a pretty accessible mascot that everyone could see walking around the Bell Centre on a regular basis?

You could usually see Youppi! for free during intermissions or before the game, next to some of the concessions.

With this new promo, Youppi! is no longer really a mascot on hand to entertain the kids at the game.

At least, it is, but only for the child kings of rich parents.

Again, just to remind myself that this new offer is real, the CH is charging over $200 if you want a visit from Youppi! in your seat.

In short, the CH is becoming increasingly disconnected and detached from its customers and fans, while the team’s primary goal is still to make as much money as possible.

If you want to get an idea of the reaction of fans, just look at the comments under Maxime Truman’s tweet.

It speaks volumes.

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