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David Reinbacher benched late in a defeat for his side
Yesterday, Kloten won in overtime without David Reinbacher. Apparently, the Canadian prospect was ill and had to forfeit the game.

This afternoon, his team was back in action. For the occasion, they faced the worst team in the league. But a poor finish to the third period and, eventually, an overtime loss spoiled the team’s fine run.

Indeed, since the team’s general manager has been behind the bench, the organization is the third-worst team in the NLA. It has a 3-0-2 record since the dismissal of Gerry Fleming.

And as mentioned a few days ago, Reinbacher already seems to be in the good graces of his new pilot. First, he was moved to Nathan Beaulieu’s right-hand side in the first game, and he’s been getting plenty of playing time on the power play and at even strength, among other things.

To sum up this afternoon’s game, Kloten led 2-1 late in the third, but Ajoie scored a goal to force overtime. Frédérik Gauthier’s new team eventually won the game in overtime.

But the story of the game (from a Canadiens fans’ perspective), Reinbacher was not seen, according to Grant McCagg, on the ice during the final minutes of the game. Neither in the third nor in overtime. Strange…

Was he hurt? Probably not, as he was on the bench. If he was struggling with an injury, he would have been in the locker room, right?

Did he feel any symptoms of yesterday’s virus/illness? It’s possible. At present, we have no answer.

Let’s hope it’s nothing serious and/or that he hasn’t fallen into his coach’s bad graces. After all, the defender is in Switzerland to play, not to warm the bench.

Nevertheless, the Austrian finished the game with one assist, a plus-1 record and 17:44 of playing time. Eight of his club’s players were on the ice longer than he was.

Note that his partner, Beaulieu, was not in uniform. Yesterday, he was shot in the hand in the opening moments of the game and never returned to the ice afterwards.

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