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Corey Perry: Don’t rule out a return to the NHL just yet, says Chris Johnston
Corey Perry is no longer under contract to play in the National League.

Since the Bettman teams decided to ignore him in the unconditional waivers (which was expected), the veteran is now free as a bird.

The former Canadien released an apology letter yesterday, stating that he had sought help for his alcohol and mental health problems.

The details of the case were not made public, but there was talk that his career could be over as a result.

However, according to Chris Johnston (The Athletic), a return to the NHL shouldn’t be ruled out just yet.

The tipster maintains that the various NHL teams would like to better understand the circumstances surrounding his departure from Chicago before ruling him out.

Johnston also says that teams will eventually have to see where he stands mentally after getting the help he needs, if they are interested in his services:

There may still be a path to the NHL for Perry. Only time will tell. – Chris Johnston

Interesting, though.

If it happens, we agree that Perry won’t be signing a contract tomorrow. It should take some time…

But it’s worth mentioning that he’ll have to come to an agreement with a team before the trade deadline (March 8) if he wants a chance to play in the playoffs.

Because on the ice, Perry is still capable of getting the job done. In Montreal, we all know how useful he was to the Habs during the team’s run to the Stanley Cup Final in the summer of 2021…

That said, everything will depend on what is revealed about his history with the Hawks. And therein lies the rub, because we don’t know what happened other than the fact that Frank Seravalli is talking about an alcohol-related incident.

That remains to be seen.

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