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Phillip Danault’s father has a grudge against Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

Against all odds, the Habs managed to pick up three wins in four games during their California and Ohio road trip. Not that they played very good hockey, of course…

Yesterday’s game was probably the best of the trip… and the team managed to beat one of the worst teams in the entire NHL by the skin of their teeth, after numerous turnovers. Thanks (again) Sam for this one!

Ten days ago, Martin St-Louis took the time to practice his lineup changes. But his players still managed to make the worst change of the season, giving Patrik Laine an easy goal to open the scoring.

Josh Anderson didn’t get a boost of energy against his former team… even though Martin St-Louis had started the game for him.

As for Juraj Slafkovsky, he continued his good work with his fourth point in five games. The chemistry between him and Cole Caufield is clearly taking hold. All that’s left is to pair them with Nick Suzuki, not Christian Dvorak.

Joel Armia had a big game on three. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another month before he has another good one…

Gustav Lindstrom and Jayden Struble both had a good game. It will be interesting to see who loses his place in the line-up when Aber Xhekaj returns to action (this weekend?).

As for Kaiden Guhle, he was the most used defender and showed that he may be the only player with real star status in the Montreal line-up.

Can’t wait to see how the team reacts tonight at the Bell Centre after a short night – the team’s plane landed after midnight in Montreal – and a second game in as many nights. At least Cayden Primeau got an early night

Papa Danault is not happy
I’m not going to use all the words I’m allowed to use today to talk about a CH victory over the Blue Jackets in November. That would be somewhat unproductive

As originally reported by regional media outlet, Alain Danault (Phillip’s father) shared his frustrations with Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois on his social networks.


Following the announcement of a $5 to $7 million subsidy that Éric Girard and the CAQ government offered to Luc Robitaille (a good friend of Éric Girard’s ) and the Los Angeles Kings, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was quick to criticize this horrible economic decision. It’s in GND’s DNA to defend citizens and challenge the government.

One of Québec Solidaire’s two spokespersons had this to say, specifically:

“Quebecers are in love with their national sport, but right now, they’re seeing people lining up in front of food banks, including the food bank across from Centre Vidéotron. And, between making sure everyone eats and buying Phillip Danault lunch, I think Quebecers prefer everyone to eat.”Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

Pretty much everyone in Quebec agrees with Nadeau-Dubois on this one…

Except Phillip Danault’s father, who didn’t like seeing the Quebec politician attack his son for no reason at all. He didn’t like seeing his son involved in something over which he has no control.

“Alain Danault found Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’s comments cheapskate, gratuitous, disrespectful and mean.” – Alex Drouin on

Since Alain Danault’s Twitter/X account is private, his Instagram page is hardly active and his Facebook account contains no mention of these comments, one might think that Phillip’s father has removed his status, that his story has expired or that he made these comments on X. But MonVicto is a serious media outlet; these comments were indeed made.

I don’t think Mr. Danault will vote for QS in the next election (by-election or not). And this, regardless of the gender of the candidate in his riding. #ExcuseLà

While we’re on the subject of Éric Girard and his investments in professional sports, let’s remember that the president of the FTQ, our Minister of Finance (and the Nordiques), was supposed to meet Gary Bettman this week, but he decided to cancel his trip to New York in order to stay in Quebec. He wants to be there if the negotiations between the government and the state employees come to an end…

I’m pretty sure this cancellation hasn’t changed anything in Gary Bettman’s life…

“Eric Who? We had a meeting with him?”

Breaking news

– Will Cayden Primeau join… Josh Anderson tonight?

– Me neither, not 100%. But I’m not currently either!

Making a “high stick” to yourself: LOL!

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