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JiC: No room for Xhekaj and Struble in Montreal
Jayden Struble begins his NHL career.

He’s only played three games so far, but we can see why the Habs selected him in the second round of the 2019 draft.

Jayden Struble is a mobile defenseman who is more than capable of using his body to deliver big checks. His style is somewhat similar to that of Arber Xhekaj, who is also recognized as a player who likes to hit the opposition.

Every team on the Bettman circuit needs a similar player in its line-up. It’s important in today’s National League.

But is there room in the CH for Struble AND Xhekaj to shine? Jean-Charles Lajoie thinks not:

There’s no room for both in Montreal. You’re going to have to make a choice that will be one of organizational philosophy, and Arber Xhekaj’s supporters must be very worried. – JiC

JiC also maintains that if the Habs have to make a decision, they’ll probably favor Struble because he’s “the American college kid from Northeastern who’s going to come before the little guy from the Canadian junior leagues”.

The two players look very similar, but Struble’s potential is higher than Xhekaj’s.

And overall, Struble is likely to become a better defender because he has more qualities in his toolbox.

But for now, the Habs must continue to evaluate their players, because there’s no rush. We need to give Struble and Xhekaj a chance to prove themselves on a regular basis before making a choice between the two young players.

Ultimately, the Canadiens will have to make a decision that will help the team in both the long and short term.

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