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Max Domi and his inconsistency: No goals in 19 games this season

Max Domi is one of the NHL’s most fickle players.

When he decides to have a good season offensively, that’s what happens. The former Montreal Canadien has four 40+ point seasons (including one 72+) since the start of his career, and even if he’s not recognized as a superstar on the Bettman circuit, he’s got the skills to help himself offensively.

This season, in Toronto, we see Max Domi, who was in his second season in Montreal. He finds himself at the heart of some criticism in the Queen City because the effort he puts in night after night is never consistent…

And the fact that he has yet to find the back of the net since the start of the campaign is also the subject of much discussion, not unlike Josh Anderson’s situation with the CH.

Domi is in a slump, by the way: he has only scored two goals in his last 39 regular-season games.

Domi signed a one-season deal with the Leafs on July 2.

His $3 million contract was initially thought to be a good fit for the Toronto outfit, as Brad Treliving was looking to add some grit and toughness to his line-up this summer.

Domi may bring that element to the Leafs, but he hurts the team more than anything else.

The diminutive forward has been his team’s most-punished player since the start of the season (what a surprise), and we saw what it was like during his time in Montreal, when he lost the map and began to lack discipline.

The pressure is enormous in Toronto, and so are the expectations. Domi knew very well what he was getting into before signing his pact, and he needs to start producing regularly for his own sake before he’s crucified in the public arena.

Because you know as well as I do that that’s what’s going to happen if things go on like this.

In bursts

– Speaking of the Leafs:

Montyyyyy !

– I think I will.

– No surprise there.

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