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Corey Perry: Kyle Davidson denies any rumors involving a Hawks player or his family
Kyle Davidson spoke to the Chicago media about the Corey Perry file.

After all, it’s THE issue of the day in the NHL.

And the Blackhawks GM set the record straight from the outset: rumors involving Perry and the family of a club player are false.

He even called them “disgusting”. There are always going to be people who think it’s true, but hey.

The Blackhawks conducted an internal investigation, and made the decision to put him on unconditional waivers when they saw the results.

Davidson couldn’t/wouldn’t comment on the situation, as it’s very personal and sensitive. So it clearly touches on Perry’s private life, but Davidson also said it’s a “workplace matter”, an incident that shouldn’t happen in the workplace.

In the end, we didn’t learn much.

However, we did get the sense that the Blackhawks GM was putting a lot of emphasis on the organization’s culture of accountability…

We don’t know what officially happened with Corey Perry, but the tone of the Hawks’ GM suggests that it’s serious.

It’s another difficult story surrounding the Chicago organization, after Kyle Beach’s in recent years. And for Perry, we don’t know what the future holds, but it would be sad to see his career end because of this seemingly very shady story.

Wow. Poor Connor Bedard, who has found himself at the heart of so many bizarre comments in the last few hours. I wonder if his performance on the ice will be affected…

Nice way to start an NHL career, you might say.

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– Quite a shot, apart from that!

– How’s it going, boys?

– Nice lineup.

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