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Kent Hughes must regret decision to extend Jake Allen, says Tony Marinaro

We’re a quarter of the way through the season: the Habs have played 21 games and have a 9-10-2 record.

That’s not exactly bad under the circumstances, but it’s not great either. We knew the Habs would struggle, since they’re still rebuilding, and we’ve seen it since the beginning of November.

The club is not ahead of schedule. And this became even clearer following the game against the Sharks, when the Habs had all the trouble in the world saving themselves with victory over the worst club in the National League.

At the start of the campaign, the main question was what was going to happen with the goaltending situation. The Canadiens began the season with three goaltenders in the lineup: Cayden Primeau, Samuel Montembeault and Jake Allen.

After 21 games, things are going relatively well. However, the ménage à trois means that the guys are playing less. Allen and Monty have nine games under their belts this season, while Primeau has 4.

It’s the youngster who’s getting the short end of the stick most of the time so far, and it’s forcing Tony Marinaro (BPM Sports) to cry out loud that Kent Hughes may be regretting the decision to offer Jake Allen a two-year contract extension in October 2022, a deal that would tie him to the team until the end of the 24-25 season.

Allen, I’m willing to trade him even paying half his contract to play Primeau because it hurts Primeau’s development. – Tony Marinaro

In a context where the development of young players should be prioritized so that they’re ready when the team completes its rebuild, Tony Marinaro makes a very good point.

It makes sense, because Cayden Primeau won’t improve by playing so little. And if he’s still in Montreal today, it’s because the Habs organization really believes in him.

Jake Allen is a good veteran and helps the team in his own way because he has NHL experience (remember, he has a Stanley Cup ring).

But at some point, if the focus is really on improving and developing young players, Kent Hughes will have to make a move. He needs to find a way for his young goalkeepers to progress, and that means playing as many games as possible.

You don’t need a drawing to understand, after all.

In bursts

– The Rocket was back at training today.

– He’s aware of his mistake.

– It’s far from perfect.

– A big night ahead for the former Penguins and Panthers player.

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