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Disappointed by his performance, Sean Monahan knows he has to give more

Sean Monahan makes no secret of the fact that the Tricolore is capable of playing much better hockey. Despite collecting four points out of a possible six in California, the CH’s performance hasn’t impressed anyone, and neither has Monahan’s. He’s been blanked in his last six games, to say the least.

He’s been blanked in his last six games, and to say the least, his trio hasn’t made an impact lately.

In a press conference today, he mentioned that he hasn’t been as offensive as he’d like lately, and that he needs to touch the puck more.

“I’m a proud player. I need to play better.” – Sean Monahan

Watching the center play lately, he lacks the spark he had at the start of the season. Remember that he started the season with Pearson and Gallagher on a very effective third line. When he was on the ice, something was happening offensively, but in recent games it’s been difficult.

He still plays with Pearson, but he has to deal with, let’s face it, the worst version of Josh Anderson we’ve seen in Montreal. Who would have thought at the start of the season that Gallagher would be playing on the first line at the end of November when Anderson wasn’t scoring? Certainly not me.

It’s also worth noting that Monahan has some minor health concerns, having missed a number of training sessions recently for treatment.

Kirby Dach’s injury has also prevented him from playing to the left of Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, as Jake Evans and Christian Dvorak are not top-6 center-forwards. It would have been interesting to see this combination.

Another interesting fact is that Monahan could have put an end to his drought in Anaheim, when he seemed to have scored in an empty net.

The dials on both broadcasters seemed to indicate that there was still time, but the NHL decided otherwise.

Sean Monahan has a one-season contract worth $1.985 million. If he stays healthy, he could become a great target for other general managers as the trade deadline approaches.

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