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Draft 2024: Cayden Lindstrom is the perfect choice for the CH, believes Brian Wilde

A quarter of the way through Montreal’s season, it’s time to face facts: the Habs aren’t going to make the playoffs.

If yesterday’s game is indicative of anything, I wonder what other demonstration you’d need. The team’s record (9-10-2) isn’t disastrous for a rebuilding club, but over the next few weeks and months, we can expect a number of losses.

And that’s the way it should be. The CH would like to draft high again this year (for the last time?). I don’t think we’re as bad as the Sharks or Blackhawks, so don’t expect – barring a miracle – to draft in the top-5, let alone the top-3.

What’s important to know is that good players also find themselves outside the top-5. Sure, they’re not as high-profile as Macklin Celebrini, Cole Eiserman or Ivan Demidov, but talents like Cayden Lindstrom do exist.

In fact, it’s the 17-year-old from British Columbia that Brian Wilde would target if he were head of Montreal management. In his opinion, Lindstrom is the ideal choice and fills a need.

Let’s get to know Lindstrom, who is no relation to Gustav.

He’s 6’5″, 205 lbs, has a great skating stroke and phenomenal vision. As the footage above shows, his hands are equally dexterous.

If the season were to end today, and lottery logic were to be respected, the CH would be drafted ninth. According to predictions, the club would therefore draft Adam Jiricek, and as can be seen in the screenshot below, Cayden Lindstrom is slated to come out two spots later.

(Credit: Tankhaton)

Kent Hughes and his group would therefore have the opportunity to select him. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

With 32 points in 24 games in the WHL, Lindstrom impresses greatly, and some even think he could be picked much sooner. Cam Robinson, content director of EliteProspects, ranks him second in the draft, no less. According to Robinson, the young teenager surpasses the likes of Eiserman, a future 50-goal scorer, and Demidov, who is in the same conversation as Matvei Michkov.

If Lindstrom continues to impress like this, he’ll emerge in the top-5, at least. And I’m not too sure the Tricolore will end up there in the end.

One thing’s for sure: the club is in desperate need of a striker. Marc Dumont and Marco D’Amico discussed it yesterday: Montreal doesn’t need another defenseman, and with all the offensive talent the 2024 draft promises, now is the time to act.

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– No CH goalie in the top-20 worst goalies this season.

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