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Los Angeles Kings: a team that’s virtually unbeatable right now

There’s a lot of talk this season about the Boston Bruins, Vegas Golden Knights and (surprisingly) Vancouver Canucks as dominant teams in the National Hockey League.

The New York Rangers and Colorado Avalanche are also often mentioned.

However, another team is dominating the NHL this season, but is flying under the radar.

I’m talking about the Los Angeles Kings.

Todd McLellan’s team is rolling along at a furious pace this season, with a 12-3-3 record.

The Kings are a beautiful, well-built team with no real weaknesses, and it shows on the ice night after night.

It’s a very well-balanced team, with lots of different players, all capable of performing at any moment, as the list of their top scorers shows.


It’s also worth noting that the Kings have been even more dominant of late, as they’re on a four-game winning streak during which they’ve allowed just five goals.

So it’s the Kings on fire and with the knife between their teeth who will face the Montreal Canadiens this afternoon.

This will be the CH’s second game in two days.

At least the Habs can count themselves lucky that the Kings will be at home and not on the road.

Because yes, it’s mainly on the road that the Kings are currently unbeatable.

They’re on a nine-game road winning streak, which is a team record.

The Kings’ social media even allows itself to be arrogant when talking about their home fans in Anaheim.

In short, good luck to the Habs this afternoon, when it really isn’t likely to be an easy game, especially considering that the CH won handily yesterday against the NHL’s worst team.

The CH will once again play in the afternoon today, which explains why there’s no practice this morning.

Also note that tonight is the rookie dinner, so there’s no practice tomorrow morning either.

Let’s see if Jayden Struble and Mattias Norlinder, the club’s only two rookies, will really be the only two sharing the bill.

Let’s hope for their sake that other youngsters will help them out.

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