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Grant McCagg wouldn’t be shocked if Jayden Struble never played in the AHL again
Last night, Jayden Struble had the chance to play his very first game in the National League.

It’s always a special moment for the guys, because they’ve dreamed of it all their lives. There’s stress, which comes with everything… But Struble looked like the calmest guy on earth on the ice against the Ducks.

He was good, really good in his first NHL audition. He was so good that Grant McCagg wouldn’t be shocked if Jayden Struble never played in the AHL again:

Struble showed he was responsible in his zone throughout the game. But it was the fluidity of his skating and his mobility on the ice that really caught the eye.

To his credit, the defenseman played as if he had several games of NHL experience. That said… Let’s not get carried away either.

It’s one game. The sample size is far too small.

He’ll never return to the AHL just because he was solid last night. It doesn’t work that way in the NHL, unfortunately.

Imagine the career Ryan Poehling would have today if it worked that way, hehe.

The door is open for Jayden Struble at the moment, with Arber Xhekaj, Jordan Harris and David Savard injured.

He’ll have to take advantage of the absence of the regulars to prove to management that he belongs in the big leagues. And if he does, the Habs will have some decisions to make.

Developing prospects is important for the Montreal organization, but not all youngsters can play for the big club either.

If they feel that Struble, Harris, Xhekaj and Guhle are all ready to face the music, Kent Hughes will have to make some important choices.

We know the Habs have superb depth on the blue line, and there are more youngsters (Reinbacher, Hutson and Engström) coming to town in the next few years.

Kent Hughes still has some time to make up his mind… But he’ll have to trade one or more of his prospects to make room for players who deserve to play in the National League.

At that point, the question will be who will be sacrificed by the CH DG.

In gusts

– Not good.

– They’re too good.

– Here’s hoping it’s not too serious.

– Vladimir Tarasenko is having fun in Ottawa.

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