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Sean Monahan needs to play with better players

Since arriving in Montreal, Sean Monahan hasn’t exactly had trouble racking up points. Not a huge sample, you may say, but still.

In 2022-2023, he scored 17 points in 25 games. This year? 13 points in 18 games. That’s around sixty points over a full season, when you do a rule of three.

But right now, he’s not on his best run. When you look at it, he’s only got one assist in his last five games.

He has seven games without a point this season, and four of them are in his last five duels. So he’s not exactly on fire these days… and that’s not abnormal when you look at the rest of the club.

Seeing Monahan produce Brendan Gallagher and Tanner Pearson was a miracle at the start of the season. And these miracles often don’t last 82 games: Tanner Pearson, for example, hasn’t had a point since November 2.

Publicly, Monahan isn’t going to say anything. He trusts his coach… but I wonder how much he’d like a chance on a slightly more offensive trio.

In my opinion, it’s about time.

We saw in practice yesterday that Brendan Gallagher got his chance on the first line. But you really have to wonder how much of a chance Monahan should get.

I know, I know: Monahan is a center, and we’re obviously keen to leave Alex Newhook on the wing at the moment. But why not try moving Newhook to center to allow Monahan to play with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield?

Caufield has to play with the best at this point… and on the power play, we can see that they can play together.

Earlier in the season, this was a combination that wasn’t attempted because “the veteran trio” was untouchable. But now, at this point, the soup has to be stirred and Monahan deserves his chance. And I’m sure Kent Hughes would like to see Monahan produce with good players… #DateLimite

At worst, let’s leave Newhook with Suzuki and bring Caufield with Monahan on the second trio. No?

In gusto

– Hello.

– It’s make or break for the CH. [JdeM]

– Samuel Girard takes time for himself.

– Indeed.

– To watch.

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