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Oilers – Canadiens: Darren Dreger opens the door to a huge deal

Jake Allen may say publicly that he knew the ménage à trois in front of the net wasn’t going to be short-lived, and he may say he’s grown out of it because of the internal struggle, but we know it must bother him.

After all, the veteran said he wanted to be used more often before the start of the season. And as much as he likes the extra rest, it’s not at three that he’s getting his money’s worth.

The good news for the CH is that all three goalies form a solid unit on the ice, and all three get along well.

That said, as Eric Engels reports, they know that eventually, it’s going to take a trade to end it all. It just makes sense.

But it’s also easier said than done. After all, if Kent Hughes doesn’t get his price for Jake Allen, Samuel Montembeault or Cayden Primeau, he shouldn’t move.

It’s a good thing Casey DeSmith is in Vancouver, huh?

And in reality, even if the GM has a good price, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll move. After all, if he decides that Samuel Montembeault will stay in town with a new contract in his pocket, that could influence the deal.

The fact that Montembeault is lining up to stay and Primeau is young seems to give Jake Allen market value in the eyes of the CH. David Pagnotta and Frank Seravalli both talked about the veteran and his availability.

Basically, we understand that teams like him, but that his contract and propensity for injury don’t always make him the ideal candidate across the NHL.

But that brings us to Darren Dreger, who also talked about the case. And he went further than most on TSN 690 this morning.

What the tipster said is that no one is going to help the Oilers for free. Unless they sign a Jaroslav Halak, they’re going to have to pay the price, we agree.

The CH doesn’t want to give away Primeau, whom they’ve developed, and they don’t want to give away Allen either, who’s a good veteran. But both are more affordable than Samuel Montembeault.

If Montembeault were to leave, which is far from certain… the price would be high.

If that’s the case, Dreger has once again brought Xavier Bourgault’s name back into the conversation. And even if Monty is at the end of his contract, the Oilers’ Quebec prospect would, in such a scenario, be the basis of a transaction. In other words? It would be expensive to get Sam Montembeault.

But Dreger didn’t stop there.

When talking about Montembeault and Bourgault, he mentioned that there could be a world in which the Habs and Oilers work on a bigger deal. #Blockbuster

Warning: he said it wasn’t necessarily rock-solid info. Nor did he say it might involve Montembeault. It’s just that he was chatting and said such things as the conversation went on.

But the fact remains that when an informant of his calibre opens the door to such a personnel move, you have to listen. He knows what he’s talking about in the hockey world.

Dreger, who doesn’t know when the last call between the two clubs was, wouldn’t name any other names… but it’s safe to assume that David Savard, on his return from injury, would fill a need.

That’s the first name I thought of when I listened to him.

It’s also worth noting that Dreger doesn’t know if Jack Campbell has been discussed with the Habs, but at least one other team has been talking to the Oilers about getting him out of Alberta… at a big price.

The price in question? A first-round pick. The Oilers said no to the club in question earlier this month, but could Ken Holland and his group change their minds now that the coach has jumped and time is running out?

I don’t think the CH would want to take out a goalie to bring in Campbell simply for a first-round pick. Plus, we have to remember that a year ago, when the salary cap was even lower in the NHL, Sean Monahan brought the CH that price…

I just don’t see the fit for Campbell in Montreal, basically.

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