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Jayden Struble won’t be in a favorable situation tonight
Jayden Struble is in for a real treat tonight as he plays the first game of his young NHL career. For the occasion, the CH defenseman will be able to count on the on-site support of his mother, who has made the trip to witness this great moment.

One thing’s for sure, with Struble’s style, the CH should be a slightly more physical team, as similarities can be drawn between his game and that of Arber Xhekaj.

The Tricolore lack the physical presence of #72, especially of late. The Bruins and Golden Knights have beaten the CH not only in scoring, but also in physical battles along the boards.

One thing we can say about Struble is that he hasn’t stolen his spot. He’s good in his zone, and has been effective since the start of the season.

But it won’t be easy for him to break into the NHL, as the analysts on the podcast Sortie de Zone explained.

The first thing to remember is that he’s a rookie in the AHL too. Yes, he played a few games last year, but this is his first full season.

There’s also the time difference to contend with. Three hours isn’t nothing. He, in particular, will have to adjust quickly.

The speed of execution in the NHL is not to be overlooked either. In less than a year, he’ll have gone from the university ranks to the big league, so it won’t be easy to adjust.

However, Struble has a great opportunity ahead of him. During the trip, he’ll have the chance to prove himself to Martin St-Louis and the coaching staff, and who knows, earn himself a few games when the injured players return.

I can’t wait to see what kind of performance he puts in tonight, but the evaluation will have to be made over several games.


– It was incredible!

– I think there will be other opportunities.

– The Blue Jackets are on fire tonight.

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