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Jaroslav Halak talks to the Oilers

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Jaroslav Halak talks to the Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers need a (good) goalie. I’m sorry to have thrown you off balance so fiercely this morning, but I’m the bearer of truth on this Wednesday morning in November.

We know that Oilers management is looking to Montreal in particular to see if there might be a way of getting along with the Habs, who have a surplus of goalies on hand.

We shouldn’ t necessarily expect Jake Allen to leave for Alberta, and I don’t know how realistic the possibility of Samuel Montembeault or Cayden Primeau leaving for Edmonton is, but hey.

In reality, you can expect the Edmonton Oilers to talk to quite a few teams who have an extra goalie… and even those who don’t have a surplus.

But don’t forget that not all available goalies are under contract. Jaroslav Halak, who is no longer in the Hurricanes’ environment after spending time training with the club, is free as a bird.

And of course, the Oilers have been talking to the goalie’s clan.

Pierre LeBrun, who reported the news on the Insider Trading segment, says that there’s no need to assume that the former Canadiens goaltender will end up in Edmonton. Quite the contrary, in fact.

But it’s an interesting option for a club in desperate need of a goalkeeper.

In fact, Halak left the Hurricanes because the Carolina club wanted to see him play a few games in the AHL, to get back into the swing of things after months of inactivity.

But the goalie didn’t want to.

That doesn’t mean he won’t end up in Carolina: the door is still open. But what it does mean is that he can now talk to other teams to see if he can play in the NHL this season. And clearly, the Oilers are a possibility.

The Oilers’ #1 plan would undoubtedly be to see Jack Campbell succeed in the AHL, he who finally did well last night down there… but let’s just say that nothing is less certain, right now.

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