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Trevor Zegras file: “It’s a good thing the CH doesn’t treat its players like the Ducks”.
Last summer, Trevor Zegras was the talk of the NHL. The reason was simple: a restricted free agent, he was still without a contract when the Ducks opened training camp in September.

On October 2, he finally signed a three-year contract at $5.75 million per year… but this came after the tension between the two clans had made its way into the public arena.

Except that this season, it’s been difficult for Zegras on the ice. The Ducks ‘ forward has just one goal and one assist in 12 games, and is currently on the injured list.

At least he’ll be able to take his mind off things a bit tonight, as he spends the evening with his good friend Cole Caufield (who is also experiencing his own lethargy).

That said, to explain Zegras’ difficulties this season, several possibilities are on the table. One possibility is that contract negotiations between Zegras and the Ducks have soured the relationship between the two sides.

And this morning, on BPM Sports, Renaud Lavoie raised just such a possibility, making a rather strong statement:

It’s a good thing the CH doesn’t treat its players the way the Ducks treated Trevor Zegras. – Renaud Lavoie

In Lavoie’s eyes, the Ducks showed Zegras a lack of respect during the last round of negotiations, and the team’s goal was quite clear: they wanted to break the youngster. Zegras was forced to wait a long time before signing (in order to get paid what he was worth), so he missed a significant portion of his team’s training camp.

Even if he kept in shape away from the team, it’s still hard to “start the machine again” when you haven’t been able to acclimatize to your team’s new reality.

Clearly, the relationship between Zegras and his team is not at its best. Did the Ducks want him to understand that he’s no longer indispensable with the presence of Mason McTavish and Leo Carlsson? Perhaps.

Gilbert Delorme, on the other hand, wonders if the player doesn’t bear much of the blame, Zegras not exactly having the best reputation for maturity.

In any case, though, it’s a far cry from Montreal, where the organization makes sure to show its players that they’re appreciated. Eventually,the screws may have to be tightened a little, but not at the cost of burning bridges between the club and its best players either, we agree.

As long as the Tricolore doesn’t get to the point where Lavoie criticizes the Ducks, that’s a good thing.


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