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The Canadiens must “earn” their rookie dinner
The last time the Canadiens won a hockey game without going to overtime was on October 23.

At that time, just to help himself get back into the swing of things, David Savard was still in uniform against the Sabres. That was the night he was injured, and he hasn’t been seen in a game since.

So it’s been a while.

Since then, the Habs have won some games (in overtime), but they’ve also lost many. Some losses were undeserved (including the one at the end of October in Vegas), but others were.

I’ll take the Vegas game as an example, since it was the CH’s best game of the season. And even though they lost, Martin St-Louis didn’t hesitate to say that the guys had been as good as ever since he took over.

Since then? Seven losses against just two wins. Performances that were hard to watch. A lack of effort in some respects.

This explains the intensity of yesterday’s practice, as well as the comments after Saturday night’s game. Remember that MSL said his club had been too soft after the Boston game.

His aim? To whip his players into shape. After flattering his boys a few weeks ago (and seeing them respond poorly), he must be hoping that the reverse process will lead to another result on the road.

After all, when you look at the guys right now, you really have to wonder if the club has progressed. When you see several of them playing, you have to wonder.

The trip to California will be important on the ice, but we’ll have to make sure the guys have their heads in the game of hockey. Why do we need to do that? Because the rookie dinner is coming up. That’ll be Saturday night, after the game against the Kings.

Besides, with Rafaël Harvey-Pinard out of the picture at the moment, you have to wonder if Justin Barron and Jayden Struble won’t be the only ones paying.

But hey. All that to say, it’s all very well to talk about the rookie dinner, but Martin St-Louis must be thinking about the club’s performance on the trip to California.

He has to hope that the defeats have whipped the group into shape and that the guys don’t just want to go out and party Saturday night after the game. He has to hope that the guys “earn” their dinner.

It’s important for the guys to have dinner to unwind, but I imagine the coaching group will be upset if the guys go out to celebrate after a tough week. And that’s just as well: the players’ level of effort between now and Saturday is something that can be controlled.

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