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SLBAM: A first-class team-building center

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SLBAM: A first-class team-building center

What’s up gang. Here’s my article of the week.

It’s been quite a week for us, since we’ve been on the road. In addition to being on the road, the little family is back in Quebec since it’s school break next week here. So I’ll be spending part of the week alone at home. It’s a funny feeling.

It’s obvious that the goalkeepers’ stats aren’t the best. I don’t watch enough Laval games to be able to properly judge the situation to know if it’s only the goalies’ fault, or the system, the defenders or whatever?

Bringing in Joe Vrbetic could be a short-term solution, but he didn’t break anything during his short stint in the AHL and right now in the ECHL, he has good stats, but I don’t think he’s faced the big teams yet.

It’s obvious that if the situation doesn’t improve for the Rocket, the bosses will have to take action, because you can’t want to win if you don’t have a goalie who can do the job.

But yes, I’d be tempted to give him a chance to “shake things up” and see.

Difficult question, but I can easily eliminate one choice and that’s the janitor. There’s no more Carey Price, and now all you need is a hot goalie in the playoffs.

Now, between a forward or a defenseman. If we’re talking about a forward, he has to be a center. Most championship teams have a solid center.

At the back, you need an offensive defenseman, but who can play well in his zone?

Looking at the latest drafts, I’d be tempted to take a center, knowing that a defenseman built for the playoffs takes longer to develop, just like a normal defenseman.

I had a fairly North American diet to be honest, apart from caviar on the table for all three meals.

Being on a hockey team, we had so many choices that it was sometimes hard to choose. Whether it was duck, filet mignon or pasta. What I liked best was the filet mignon, which was so cheap too.

Surprisingly, the KFC was 100x better in Russia than here.

Otherwise, the thing I missed most on my return to Canada was coffee. I couldn’t drink it there. So much so, that I started drinking green tea.

I love the band, I was lucky enough to see them on the plains when I was younger (from memory). But I don’t have any anecdotes about them. On the other hand, “En berne” is the song that’s on my playlist and plays the most. It makes me want to get high every time and motivates me.

The beat and everything, it’s so good.


– This ends my article, once again, thank you all. Have a good Sunday and we’ll talk again @Mitch_Giguere.

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