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Two wins in regular time: the Canadiens rank 32nd in the NHL

Last night, the Canadiens lost their third game in a row. As a result, Martin St-Louis’ men are now below .500 with 16 points in 17 games.

As I said this morning, the Habs struggled to play the game the right way. They were opportunistic and took advantage of a goaltender who was in form… but Cayden Primeau didn’t work miracles either.

It would have been unfair to ask him to do it in such conditions.

For Martin St-Louis, it’s going to be time to start thinking about shaking up his fruit salad a bit. If he can’t add an ingredient that will save the recipe…

Should the veteran trio (Sean Monahan, Brendan Gallagher and Tanner Pearson), which isn’t exactly rolling along as well as it has in recent weeks, be dismantled?

When it’s going well, the trio is responsible and productive. But when they’re not, they’re just… slow.

Isn’t it time to get Sean Monahan back where he belongs, on the top-6? And bring Christian Dvorak back on a third trio, more suited to him?

I don’t think Cole Caufield would say no.

The Habs may be scoring goals at an interesting rate (they’re in the second tier of the NHL), but the play on the ice isn’t always the most organized. And it shows in the W column.

The CH may have seven this season (7-8-2, as a record), but in reality, five of them are the result of overtime. Thanks to Cole Caufield on this one, right?

And if you can criticize Cole Caufield for not scoring enough at five-on-five (and not scoring in general for the last ten games or so), you can criticize the CH for not winning enough before leaving five-on-five.

Only twice has the Habs won in 60 minutes. And with the Sharks now down to three wins in regulation time, that makes the CH the 32nd and last club in the NHL in that regard.

Two regulation wins in 17 games means the Canadiens are on a pace to win less than 10 games in 82 games in 60 minutes. That’s not exactly enough. After all, Caufield can’t always save the CH three-on-three… right?

If the CH could not lead the NHL (80) in minor penalties, that would be a good start.

In gusto

– All is well.

– Ouch.

– Justin Barron has some interesting offensive production. In his first 58 games in Montreal, he has nine goals.

– Ark.

– Do you?

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