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RDS and its touching tribute to Karl Tremblay
As of yesterday afternoon, Quebec is in mourning as Karl Tremblay, the popular lead singer of Les Cowboys Fringants, passed away from cancer. He was only 47 years old.

I don’t know about you, but since yesterday, I’ve been thinking back to the shows I went to, including the one at the FEQ this summer, and listening to their songs over and over again. It doesn’t change my listening habits much, though.

What we experienced yesterday was a landmark event. We’ll remember this great singer and his impact on Quebec. And with a Cowboys CD on the way, he won’t soon be forgotten.

I also hope that the Canadiens, who have just lost a great fan, will celebrate Karl Tremblay to the extent he deserves tonight, against the Vegas Golden Knights.

That said, I don’t doubt it.

After all, what happened yesterday at the Rocket game in Laval shows us that the Habs organization, quite rightly, understood the importance of celebrating him.

But it wasn’t just on the ice that the popular singer, who marked several whole generations of fans, was honored. He was also honored by RDS, which broadcast the Rocket game.

Let’s be clear: he was honored everywhere, not just at RDS. Well… everywhere in the French-speaking world, anyway.

But the heartfelt on-air tribute from François-Étienne Corbin and Stéphane Leroux, who knew the Cowboys singer well, was really on another level.

Before the Rocket game, the guys took the time to pay tribute to a friend. They could hardly contain their tears a few minutes after the official announcement of the singer’s death.

The two men recounted anecdotes about the Cowboys and clearly had a special relationship with the band’s singer, who became a friend.

This great hockey fan was friends with many sports people.

Hats off to RDS, who let the guys talk about the Cowboys for long minutes before the Rocket game. And anyway, nobody’s head was in hockey, let’s face it.

It’s a must-listen for those who want anecdotes from this musical great.

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