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Referees are fed up with verbal abuse, says Jimmy Murphy

Bitching about referees is a national sport in Quebec. After all, it seems like every time the Habs (or other teams) play, there’s a reason to criticize the officiating.

Of course, to err is human. But sometimes, enough is enough.

In the world of hockey, replay, which sometimes gives fans the impression that a decision is made by tossing a coin, is enough to make anyone feel a little down.

Especially when it comes to offsides.

All this to say that yesterday, at the Habs game, there was yet another situation in which the refereeing was criticized. And of course, it involved Brendan Gallagher.

An official in the middle of the ice punished Gally, who was nowhere near him, for a gesture he didn’t commit late in the game.

Once in the penalty box, Gallagher was in fine form. He was, too, after the game when he said the decision had been made when the Flames bench screamed.

Gally, as reported by Jean-François Chaumont, had a lot on his mind.

It’s unacceptable, it can’t happen. The referee is in the neutral zone. It’s a terrible decision. You can’t make that kind of mistake. It’s as simple as that.

His partner was right next to the play and he didn’t call anything. – Brendan Gallagher

The referees wanted to make up for their mistake by giving the Flames a penalty, which in turn put them in the shotgun. And with good reason: if it hadn’t been for Josh Anderson’s lack of opportunism, the CH could have tied the game.

In short, it’s a crying shame.

Inevitably, the same debates as before are brought to the fore. Will Gallagher be punished for his public whining? Is there any other way?

Should referees be held accountable by answering media questions, too? That’s a popular one.

According to Jimmy Murphy (a Boston-based journalist), the refereeing community is getting really fed up with the verbal abuse suffered on the sidelines and in various incidents.

He said as much when he republished the video of Gallagher speaking out against the referees. It’s not hard to guess the basis of his message, let’s say.

Murphy added that the players, for their part, are fed up with questionable calls . He suggested that the two groups meet to talk and work things out.

The idea sounds good on paper. But would it really produce concrete results?

I admit that at some point, we’ll have to move. It’s unrealistic to think that, for years to come, everyone will just keep shouting on the ice and crying in the media.

At the same time, I say that knowing that it’s been working the same way for a long time.

In bursts

– Oh well.

– He’s making progress.

– Joel is in Laval.

– Adam Johnson file: the arrested man has been released on bail.[JdeM]

– Still.

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