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Two games in two nights: José Théodore doesn’t understand today’s goalkeepers

Let’s talk about a topic that has the potential to get people talking: Ashton buying Banquise goalies who play two games in two nights.

For the past few years, most teams haven’t wanted their goalies to play back-to-back games, because it tires the guys out quite a bit. And let’s face it, not everyone’s happy about it.

Of the lot? José Théodore.

Louis Morissette, who is Théo’s brother-in-law, and Jean-Philippe Wauthier, host the podcast “Entre la poire et le fromage” together. And an excerpt involving the former Canadiens goalie was posted on Instagram yesterday. I’ll let you listen, and we’ll be right back.

Basically, it shows Theo saying he doesn’t understand goalies today. He doesn’t understand why they don’t want to play at least 65 games a year when they’re #1 and why two games in two nights is too much.

Morissette asked him if it was so tiring for him, a two-in-two. And Theo answered this:

On the contrary. When you’re on your game and you’ve got a good match, it’s as if you don’t need any energy at all. – José Théodore

He wonders if it’s old school to ask whether it’s abnormal for a goalie to be asked to play 60 games, which is the end of the world. He finds it hard to understand why a #1 goalie shouldn’t play 65 games in a season.

The point of view is interesting, since Théo has played the game. He’s played seasons of over 65 games and he wanted the net. What’s more, in his eyes, a taller goalie, as we often see these days, burns less energy.

At the same time, I wonder to what extent this is a shot at Carey Price, who isn’t exactly his favorite and is kind of the “face” of Habs fans weeping over the two games in two nights.

I really get the feeling that goalies want to play as much as possible, but nowadays they’re more and more aware of the impact of rest to be in shape at the end of the season. And anyway, if the coach says you’re not playing, what do you want to do?

I think Martin Brodeur’s example is an interesting one in this debate. Why is that? Because Brodeur is probably the goalie who used to play the most in the league… and even he’s changed his tune.

The former goaltender, who is physically mortgaged after a long (and successful) career, told BPM Sports’ Martin Lemay that today, it takes two goalies in the NHL to survive.

Brodeur, who now works for the Devils on the second floor, believes that the game has changed and is so much more offensive than it used to be that it’s harder than it used to be to save goals as often. A goalkeeper is more tired after a game in 2023 than 20 years ago, for example.

Add to that the fact that training sessions are different and travel is longer in a year (I hate seeing all 32 teams play every year in all 32 arenas) and it tires his man, I imagine.

I’m sure a goalie can play twice in two nights, but after a few months, it’s exhausting. And clubs need to realize this more and more.

In an NHL that uses more and more two goalies(to the point where it affects the management of a GM like Kent Hughes), I have the feeling that this is a trend that is here to stay.

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