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Death of Adam Johnson: man arrested for manslaughter

In recent weeks, Adam Johnson’s death has caused quite a stir. His neck was cut by a skate, which meant he was seriously injured and taken to hospital.

From there, he was unfortunately pronounced dead.

Since then, the player has been honoured everywhere. Hockey players are also thinking more and more about wearing neck protectors while playing.

But the question remains: what was Matt Petgrave thinking?

In recent weeks, my colleague Maxime Truman wrote an article questioning the subject. Obviously, he said he didn’t think the player in question wanted to seriously injure or kill Johnson, but he did wonder about the percentage of “accident” in the contact.

And the case is obviously gaining momentum in this direction, as a man in the case (who has not been named, officially) has been arrested for manslaughter in the death of Adam Johnson.

South Yorkshire Police arrested the suspect on Tuesday and he remains in custody.

Of course, it’s not an easy investigation, since while there’s every reason to believe that the act was not carried out with the intention of ending the victim’s life, it was nonetheless a dangerous one.

In the heat of the moment, everything happens faster on the ice. Determining what criminal charge the opposing player should face is not an issue in which there are many precedents.

The case is therefore one to watch.

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