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Carey Price and Shea Weber: two logical candidates for the Hall of Fame
Credit: A rest or not, guys?

Carey Price and Shea Weber are part of the Canadiens’ great history.

The goalie spent every year of his career in Montreal, and the defenseman wore the “C” on his jersey until he was no longer able to play.

Both men gave their hearts and souls to the Canadiens logo, and each enjoyed an entire career.

The only achievement they lack is the Stanley Cup… But Price and Weber have won practically everything in recent years.

A gold medal and MVP trophy at the World Junior Championship (2007), a gold medal at the Olympic Games (2014), a gold medal at the World Cup (2016), a Hart Trophy, a Vézina Trophy, a Lester Pearson Trophy, a Williams Jennings Trophy, (all collected in 2015), Vézina Trophy finalist twice…

The list is quite long in the case of Carey Price, and it leads Félix Séguin (TVA Sports) to believe that the goaltender deserves his place in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Weber’s case is a little different… But not that different.

He’s been a Norris Trophy finalist five times (he finished second in the voting in 2011 and 2012), has gold medals from the 2010 and 2014 Olympic Games (he played an important role for the Canadian team), a gold medal at the World Junior Championship in 2005, a gold medal at the World Championship in 2007…

The defenseman was one of the most dominant players during his time in the NHL, and that’s nothing to forget either.

Weber is eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame as early as next year, and with the various achievements he has accumulated during his career, the idea of seeing him join the other members of the Hall of Fame is beginning to gain serious ground.

At least, that’s what Greg Weshynski (ESPN) says:

It’s hard to say, because other great NHL players will also be eligible for the Hall of Fame next year.

Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, Ilya Kovalchuk, Ryan Miller, Sergei Gonchar, Keith Tkachuk, Alexander Mogilny…

Only four male and two female players can be inducted each year, and the selection committee is made up of 18 members .

Candidates who appear on 75% or more of the final ballots are elected to the Hall of Fame, andplayers who havebeen inactive in professional hockey for three full seasons or more are eligible, even if they have not yet announced their retirement .

For this reason, Weber will be eligible for induction in 2024, having not played since the 20-21 season. Price, for his part, will be eligible in 2025 if he doesn’t return to the game… But we know that this possibility is now non-existent.

Do they have a place among the greats? That’s the question we have to ask ourselves.

But if their career achievements are anything to go by, they’re logical candidates for the HOF.

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