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Cancer ribbon: Logan Thompson couldn’t put one on his helmet
The National Hockey League made a big splash earlier this year when it decided to stop holding parties in support of the LGBTQ+ community, with teams wearing rainbow jerseys during warm-up.

The decision was prompted by the few players who refused to wear the jerseys, as it went against their values and religion.

The NHL had also banned players from wearing ribbons or any other rainbow-colored accessories in support of the LGBTQ+ community during games.

Yet this season, it took one player (Travis Dermott) going against this rule by wearing a rainbow ribbon on his stick for the NHL to back down.

It’s pretty broach to hay as management goes, let’s say when one player can turn things around.

At the same time, cracking down on Dermott for “breaking” this rule would have been completely ridiculous.

In short, all this to say that the NHL is having a hard time taking a stand on whether or not it supports the LGBTQ+ community.

On the other hand, it looks like it’s not even just the rainbow colors that are causing a problem.

According to Max Miller’s sources, the NHL wouldn’t let Golden Knights goalie Logan Thompson put a cancer ribbon on his helmet for last night’s game.

Excuse me? What’s that? No, of course not!

That was my reaction when I saw this news this morning.

It’s Hockey Fights Cancer month, and the NHL is banning one of its players from wearing a cancer ribbon.

Add to that the fact that Thompson wasn’t even the starting goalie! He was on the bench for this Golden Knights game against the San Jose Sharks.

There’s really something I don’t understand.

Why would the NHL make such a decision?

As for the rainbow ribbons in support of the LGBTQ+ community, I understand a little more (even if it’s ridiculous) why they’d ban them, because it’s a movement that doesn’t have unanimous support.

But banning a cancer ribbon?

If there’s one subject in the world that everyone surely agrees on, it’s the fact that we all hate this horrible disease that has taken far too many lives.

And why not let Thompson wear it, as Travis Dermott did with his rainbow ribbon?

It’s beyond comprehension.

Maybe there’s an important missing detail in this story that will help us understand it better.

To be continued.

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