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Canadian media seem to have aged Connor McDavid by 30 years, says Sean Avery

In 2023, we know the character that is Sean Avery. The former forward doesn’t mince his words, that’s for sure.

And let’s just say that his off-ice actions are a good representation of the player he was ON the ice.

On his X account, Avery never misses an opportunity to express his views. This time, he took aim at the Edmonton Oilers.

His victims: Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl and Darnell Nurse.

The former Rangers forward began by comparing the contracts of Darnell Nurse and Nicklas Lidstrom. In his opinion, Nurse isn’t a nine-million-dollar defenseman, and he doesn’t understand why he’s being paid so much. Lidstrom, on the other hand, “was paid the same amount” and is one of the best defenders in history.

In fact, the former Wings defenseman, who is indeed one of the most dominant in history, was paid more than Nurse annually for just two seasons during his illustrious career. Obviously, times have changed and the salary cap has risen since the Lidstrom era, but it puts things in perspective.

The old plague then turned its attention to Leon Draisaitl. At the salary he’s paid, Avery feels he needs to answer to reporters and stop being so sarcastic in interviews.

Stop being the sarcastic German and be the handsome German. – Sean Avery

Seriously, we may not like Avery, but what he said about Draisaitl is true. Answering reporters’ questions isn’t optional in the sports world. He has to answer them, even after a tough loss.

And as for McDavid, the man with 247 career points in the NHL points out that he aged 30 years between the last two seasons.

(Credit: Youtube)

It’s hard not to agree…

But the reason behind this sudden aging: the Canadian media. “He’s gone through the damn meat grinder of the Canadian media,” said Avery.

As the best player in the world on a team that gets a lot of attention from all corners of the NHL, it’s only natural that the media would go after him. He and his German teammate are simply victims of their own talent and their team’s slow start to the season. But to say that McDavid has aged BECAUSE of the Canadian media, I don’t think…

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