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Dr. Mulder wants NHL to ban fighting

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Dr. Mulder wants NHL to ban fighting
Last night, Dr. Mulder was honored by the Canadiens. In addition to his 60-year career with the Montreal club, he has clearly had a big impact on many hockey players.

His contribution to the Habs is bound to have been significant.

In recent years, one client has clearly given him a run for his money: Carey Price. The Canadiens’ goalkeeper, who can no longer play due to his health, has undoubtedly spent many hours in the doc’s company in recent years.

That’s why, yesterday, Dr. Mulder confirmed what everyone knew: Price won’t be playing again.

We’ll remember that Price moved out West because he knows he won’t be able to play hockey anymore. His knee won’t even let him play softball without taking weeks to recover.

And as we read in a text by Dave Lévesque (TVA Sports), it was a second injury that forced Price to revise his plans after undergoing surgery.

He had a meniscus injury, so we sent him to New York for an operation, during which the surgeon found that the femur had lost all its cartilage.

It was a surprise and ended his career. – Dr. Mulder

But that’s not the only subject on which the doctor spoke out. After all, not only was his job to heal, but he could save himself from the job via prevention.

And in his eyes, even though he knows it’s not exactly a fashionable opinion, he’d like to see the NHL prevent fights. And Guy Carbonneau agrees.

It’s not a popular opinion. – Dr. Mulder

I don’t know if he’s taken into account the effect it would have on the game and the dirty hits, his detractors will say, but I imagine he’s seeing what’s happening in the QMJHL and other circuits to make up his mind.

Before the CH camp, David Reinbacher had never seen a battle on the ice in his life. That’s no mean feat.

Obviously, as a doctor, it’s logical to understand why he’d rather see guys not punching each other in the face, thus limiting the risk of concussion. So he’s not about to suggest Arber Xhekaj as Nick Suzuki’s new assistant, is he?

The way hockey’s going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go in such a direction.

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