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Norman Flynn not afraid to laugh about “Patrick Roy at Kanata” situation on air

I don’t know how much you’ve been following the “Patrick Roy at Kanata” story over the last few days, but we’re going to talk about it.

It all started when, on Tuesday evening, Norman Flynn claimed to have learned that the former Canadiens and Avalanche star goaltender had gone for a walk in Kanata during the day.

And with all the rumours of Roy being sent to Ottawa to help the Sens get back on the road to respectability, let’s just say it set the web ablaze.

Then, yesterday morning, two Quebecor journalists confirmed that the former Remparts and Avalanche coach was not in Ottawa on Tuesday: he was in Quebec City, where he had commitments.

This obviously caused quite a stir, since as you know, Patrick Roy is polarizing. A little bit.

And last night on Hockey 360, Norman Flynn wasn’t afraid to laugh about the situation. When the sound of a telephone rang out, Flynn took the time to make a joke, saying this:

It’s probably a guy from Ottawa calling me. – Norman Flynn

Obviously, when you consider that his sources have been called into question, and when you see the debate going on about the place of sports journalism this week, it’s clear that Flynn isn’t afraid to bring Roy’s subject back to the fore.

Hockey 360’s Facebook account also shared the excerpt.

You can blame Flynn for a lot of things, but you can never blame him for not being able to laugh at the moments when he’s under the microscope for the naughty reasons.

Just think of the time he made a video saying that Jeff Petry had indeed been traded to the Red Wings following his blunder on BPM Sports this summer.

So, no, Norman Flynn hasn’t lost his job at RDS. If his bosses are willing to laugh about the situation, it’s because the station clearly has no intention of firing him.

I say this because Mike Bouchard, of the RumeursDeTransaction site, yesterday (very un)skilfully raised the possibility of Norman Flynn being fired, which is horrible. He made some serious comments based on nothing at all (in a very concise headline) and that makes me angry.

(Credit: TransactionRumors)
Of course, those who know his story know how easy it is for Alex Desrosiers of the InfoLNH site to come up with a better-titled text, only to publish it later on another site in the same family under the pseudonym Mike Bouchard.

And afterwards, Desrosiers brags that he doesn’t do clickbait.

Desrosiers, who is well known in the world of radio and writes texts on two different platforms, clearly doesn’t seem to be able to position himself in the traditional media or blog debate.

Alex Desrosiers may hide, but when you read the InfoLNH text and the RDT one, it’s clear that it’s the same thing. Hurry up and read it before he changes it.

Apart from a few different verbs and a few words here and there that have been changed, it’s clear that from start to finish, it’s exactly the same quality text that has been produced on both sites. Even the tweets are the same.

And then you wonder why all blogs have a bad reputation… Thanks, Mike Alex.

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