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Back in Tampa, Corey Perry gets a warm welcome from his former teammates

Corey Perry is a player who’s easy to hate when you face him… But he’s also a player who’s easy to love when you have him in your club.

When the Habs offered him a contract before the start of the 2020-2021 season, many were reluctant to add a player who didn’t seem to have much gas left in the tank.

And when the player decided to leave the Montreal organization in the summer of 2021 to head to Tampa Bay, many were disappointed to see him go. Because during his short stay in Montreal, Corey Perry showed why he’s the real deal.

We saw him bleed and we saw him fight for the logo on the front of his jersey. These players are always respected in Montreal because they work hard, and because it’s easy to rally behind a guy who gives night after night, presence after presence.

Remember how important he was to the CH in the playoffs, during the team’s run to the Stanley Cup Final? It was impossible not to respect the warrior:

(Credit: YouTube)

Perry was a beloved player among fans, and he was just as beloved – if not more so – in the bedroom.

The guys got to rub shoulders with him every day, after all, and when you see your boyfriend go to war the way he did almost every game, you have no choice but to love him.

Even in Tampa Bay, he never changed his style of play. He was still the tiring player we knew in Montreal…

And he was still a respected player in the dressing room. The proof?

The Blackhawks are in Tampa Bay to take on the Lightning tonight, and for the occasion, Perry decided to pay his former teammates a visit during the Bolts‘ morning training session.

That’s all it took for several players to welcome him to the bench:

Wow, for real.

Corey Perry may not be the player he was ten years ago, but guys like him are important in a hockey lineup.

His willingness to work his butt off is a great example for young players, which is exactly why many fans wanted to see him stay in Montreal.

The Habs certainly could have used him last year, when things were going badly. And I’m convinced that the veteran would still have an important place in Martin St-Louis’ line-up if he were still part of the Montreal organization.

I hate to say it, but the Habs missed him.

They should never have let him go, because we can see how Corey Perry brings a different element to his teammates, who all seem to see him as a big brother and a big buddy.

And with all the young players who could use his help in Montreal right now, it seems even more painful to see him having fun with his former Lightning teammates.

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