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Hurricanes: a story about sticks that shows just how cheap they are
In recent years, there has been a certain rivalry between the Canadiens and the Hurricanes. Marc Bergevin set the ball rolling with a hostile offer for Sebastian Aho in 2019, then the Hurricanes countered with a hostile offer for Jesperi Kotkaniemi in the summer of 2021.

And we’ll remember that they didn’t hesitate to taunt the Tricolore during the process, but also long afterwards.

But behind the scenes, it seems that the war between the two clubs was also very present. As you’ll recall, it was the CH that blew the whistle on the Hurricanes’ illegal preparatory schedule for 2021, and clearly, the two clubs didn’t like each other.

And even on the level of goodwill between the two clubs, things were clearly pretty tense. In an excerpt from Pierre Gervais’ latest book, shared by Mathias Brunet this morning, we learn that when Joel Edmundson arrived in town, the Hurricanes had only sent a handful of sticks to the CH, whereas the custom is to send all the player’s remaining sticks.

In fact, rather than sending all of the defender’s sticks, the Canes had only sent six and had the others credited to them, so Gervais had to go directly through the company to get the other sticks.

In fact, the Wisconsin Badgers had roughly done the same thing when Cole Caufield arrived in Montreal, but universities have tighter budgets, so it makes sense in their case. The Hurricanes, on the other hand, did it out of revenge… or because they were simply “cheap”.

At least Gervais and the CH didn’t hesitate to get even with the Hurricanes afterwards. When Jesperi Kotkaniemi arrived in Raleigh, he did so with a handful of sticks, and Gervais didn’t hesitate to tell his Carolina counterpart to go through Bauer for sticks.

Did I mention that these two clubs don’t like each other?

The Hurricanes’ basic reaction, whether motivated by financial reasons or a desire for “revenge”, is quite ordinary. If it’s money-related, then the club is really “cheap”, and if it’s revenge-related, it’s a bit ordinary to drag the equipment guys into this little war.

Because no, it wasn’t Pierre Gervais who made a hostile offer to Sebastian Aho.

One gets the feeling that the legendary equipment manager thinks the reasons were financial, and if that’s the case, it’s pretty absurd that an NHL team doesn’t have the means to send vulgar sticks to another club.

Finally, perhaps Marc Bergevin was right to think that Tom Dundon was too broken to match the offer made to Aho…

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