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Flames: the club is so bad that Nikita Zadorov apologizes to the fans
Since the 2023-2024 season began, a number of surprises have surfaced.

These include the Montreal Canadiens, who, against all expectations, have a very good 4-2-1 record, placing them just behind the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Atlantic.

Once again, the Boston Bruins sit atop the Eastern standings with a near-perfect 6-0-1 record. And that’s even if Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci weren’t back this season after announcing their retirement.

On the darker side of the NHL, in the lower reaches of the standings, we find the Edmonton Oilers (1-5-1) at 31ᵉ rank and the Calgary Flames (2-5-1) at 30ᵉ rank. Only the San Jose Sharks (0-7-1) have a worse record.

The Flames’ woes have prompted a reaction from one of the club’s players, who is very disappointed with the way his team is playing.

That player is Nikita Zadorov, and he didn’t beat around the bush about it.

“I just want to apologize to the fans. We’re playing like crap right now. It’s hard to watch us play.” – Nikita Zadorov

The Russian was quick to criticize his team’s work.

However, he was keen to reassure everyone that he wasn’t targeting any of his team-mates in particular, and was merely pointing out that the team in general is having a lot of trouble.

He also mentioned that it’s only the start of the season, but that there’s work to be done.

“There are only six games played, but we’re still in the process of identifying who really wants to stay with this team and give everything in the process.” – Nikita Zadorov

I think it’s worth taking the time to remember that the CH owns the Flames’ (conditional) first-round pick in 2025, and that he could become this year’s first-round pick if the Tricolore is willing.

The pick actually comes with a lot of strings attached. So here’s a summary from CapFriendly to help us understand the pick.

(Credit: CapFriendly)

So, for the Flames’ pick to become the CH’s pick this season, the Flames need to finish between the 20ᵉ and 32ᵉ positions.

From there, it’s up to the Habs to decide whether to take that pick, or wait until next year, when there are other conditions that make the whole thing quite complicated, as you can see above in the photo.

The way the Flames have started the season, there doesn’t seem to be much chance that 2024 will be the year the Tricolore will pick twice in the first round, unless another pick is obtained during the season.

In short, Zadorov has every reason to criticize his club’s work, but he too will have to improve his game.

In eight games, Zadorov collected two points and eight penalty minutes, while posting a low differential of -7.

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