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Three points on his return: Lane Hutson’s injury didn’t seem to affect him at all
Tonight, we knew that Lane Hutson was back in the Boston University line-up.

But was he 100%? The short answer: yes, he was!

The young star scored a goal and two assists. On his return to action, he collected three points in a 5-2 victory for his team. It was the team’s first home game of the season.

“I am him”, Hutson probably said to himself.

The Canadian prospect not only collected points, he also gave opponents headaches.

Whether with his spin-o-rama or otherwise, he dominated.

Oh, and I forgot! He’s ready to play on the Montreal power play!

It’s all well and good to talk about Alexandre Burrows’ power play, but before tonight’s games, he was 13th in the NHL with an efficiency average of 20.7%.

This time last year, the PP was converting 4.8% of its opportunities…

Getting back to Hutson, in addition to his two assists and goal, he took eight shots on net, seven of which hit the target. No, his injury doesn’t seem to be bothering him. Good news, then, because he’s got to play.

His development must be considered paramount by the Montreal Canadiens.

Hopeful Macklin Celebrini, who is tipped as the top prospect in the upcoming draft, had another strong game for BU and has good chemistry with the CH prospect. The latter was an accomplice to the forward’s goal.


Another Canadian prospect playing for the Terriers is Luke Tuch. Alex’s brother is a bit in Hutson’s shadow, but he plays inspired field hockey. As Grant McCagg points out, he’s made excellent use of his speed and size in all three zones. He even scored the insurance goal in an empty net.

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