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P.K. Subban: Cole Caufield reminds him of Martin St-Louis

Cole Caufield is a very electrifying player. I still can’t believe he slipped so far in his draft year.

So far this season, the 22 has collected nine points in seven games. He’s on track for 105 points and 47 goals. That’s no mean feat. Obviously, the season is still very young and the chances of him continuing to produce at such a pace are slim, but we can dream, can’t we?

Yesterday, he scored the sixth overtime winner of his career, his second in less than a week. He’s a man of great opportunities, as they say.

A player like that is very special, and P.K. Subban knows it. The man who couldn’t pronounce “Caufield ” a few years ago is impressed by the youngster and compares him to a certain Martin St-Louis.

And just as well, it’s his head coach.

Martin McGuire mentioned Alex Kovalev by way of comparison.

Subban had nothing but good things to say about the Canadiens’ diminutive forward. In his opinion, he deserved to be selected in the top-5 of the 2019 draft, but of course, he fell to the Habs at #15.

“King Cole”, as P.K. calls him, is worth the price of a single-game ticket at the Bell Centre. And believe me, tickets are very expensive. There’s a reason why so many benches were empty last night.

Good thing the show is good…

Anyway. Getting back to Subban’s comments about Caufield and his coach, the former CH defenseman admitted that St-Louis was one of the toughest players to face.

And he adds that Caufield is a copy-paste of his mentor, no less.

On the ice, he looks no different. – P.K. Subban

Being compared to a Hall of Famer with 1033 career points is a nice touch.

At the Caufield draft, Jack Hughes was the very first choice. In fact, he’s the only player in this auction with more game-winning goals than the little American. Did I tell you he loves big opportunities?

Speaking of Hughes, with his three points yesterday, his four points against Montreal and his 12 (!) points this week, many are beginning to call him the NHL’s best player. Is he? Here’s what Subban had to say on the subject :

He’s won the hearts of fans and yes, in my opinion, he’s in the top-3 of the NHL’s best players.

His progression has been nothing short of meteoric.

In gusts

– Mista Svechnikov is back.

– If not on the ice, Kirby Dach is helping out in other ways.

– Jacob Fowler in full control.

– Can’t wait for his return to action.

– He’s on fire.

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