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“Carey Price would make an excellent coach à la Patrick Roy”.
Have you noticed how much more serene Carey Price looks over the past year?

Obviously, you can sense that he’s disappointed never to have won the Stanley Cup, and that this must be haunting him. We also sense that he’d like to get back into the game, but is clearly unable to because of his knee.

But we also sense that he’s getting used to his new life. Getting used to not always being in the spotlight.

For a man who is clearly of a calmer nature, this must be, in some ways, an advantage in his life. He has more freedom in what he can do without being an active player.

He can go where his knees take him, basically.

But the fact remains that Price is proud to be a member of the Canadiens. He’s spent his entire career in the city, and he’s still attached to the organization, as he himself said yesterday.

He didn’t have to go to the Canadiens’ golf tournament, for example. He could simply have chosen to show up in Montreal to fail his physicals, just to be placed on the injured list, and no more.

But he still showed up for the golf tournament, and was generous in his responses to the media yesterday.

The fact remains, however, that Carey Price is entering a new chapter in his career. Although he loves Montreal and often visits the city, he now lives in Western Canada.

He’s not often around the club. But could that change? Could Price, who works as a special advisor with CH management, do more one day?

The question was posed to Stéphane Waite (on On Jase), who recently broke bread with Price. The former Canadiens goaltending coach says he asked him if he thought he’d make a good goaltending coach – or a good coach at all.

In his eyes, he’d potentially be a good goalkeeping coach because he’s a perfectionist, but also because he’s always been keen to learn and study the game.

He’s not just a goalie, he knows the game.

Yes, he could be a good goaltending coach, and even a good head coach like Patrick Roy. – Stéphane Waite

That said, is he interested? In the short term, Waite says no. And he hasn’t opened the door to the long term either…

That’s not surprising, since the goaltender, whose contract with the CH runs until 2026, will no doubt be spending the next few years with his family, enjoying life.

I don’t doubt that he’d be good at helping young players, but does the pressure of coaching appeal to him? I’ve always thought that after his career, we wouldn’t necessarily see him again.

We’ll have to wait and see.

In gusto

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