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Bill Daly is open to giving Atlanta a third chance

You can’t stop a heart from loving. Even when you know it’s not an ideal situation.

You’ve all heard of a couple who break up every half-hour and come back together too often. It’s sometimes exhausting to follow for the people around the couple in question.

And I have a feeling that’s what we’re experiencing between the NHL and the city of Atlanta.

Because yes, the name of Atlanta still comes up in discussions. There’s a lot of talk about Houston and the Georgia city for a possible expansion, and Bill Daly, the NHL’s #2, has confirmed that Atlanta is a possibility. There’s no rush, but there’s talk.

Why will it work? Because Atlanta has changed. Classic dysfunctional-couple answer, right?

While the good guy from Quebec City waits his turn with his fine fan base and top-notch arena, the NHL is still eyeing a bad boy without a home that hasn’t worked out in the past.

But wait: the NHL doesn’t want to be fooled. Nonsense.

That’s why Bill Daly and his group did their homework. And that’s why Gary Bettman’s assistant says that Atlanta’s bid makes him think the changes are worthwhile.

I think a lot of the big companies are in Atlanta now. – Bill Daly

We’ve hit the nail on the head: the bad boy now has money.

Of course, I’m not fooled: it’s clear that having major companies in Atlanta helps. It takes money in today’s NHL, of course, but it can’t be everything.

And that’s not me saying it: it’s Daly.

In Daly’s eyes, the location of a future arena will be important. He cites the example of the Atlanta Braves (MLB), who have had better crowds since the club got its new stadium.

I think the location of the arena will be important in deciding whether or not to bring a franchise to Atlanta. – Bill Daly

That’s why I’m a little freaked out.

Why? Because we’ve learned that, in view of a third NHL club in Atlanta, the target location for an arena would be in the suburbs of the city.

Basing your business model on the Kanata Senators and Tempe Coyotes is a good idea. #OuPas

Normally, when a naughty boy wants to prove his seriousness, proposing a move to the suburbs, where it’s better to raise a family, is a good idea.

But in the case of the NHL, it doesn’t apply.

But hey. If Atlanta breaks the NHL’s heart again, maybe Canada could still pick it up with a spoon. After Calgary and Winnipeg, Quebec City could- ah pis laissez faire.

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