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Women’s field hockey: a Quebec columnist completely misses the mark

What’s going on in some people’s heads right now?

It’s like a lot of people took too long a vacation over the summer and forgot, when the new school year started, that it’s now 2023. You know, the year when you have to be more careful than ever about what you say or write…

Cam Janssen, a former Devils and Blues winger turned co-host of the popular Cam and Strick podcast (with Andy Strickland), last week publicly suggested that Connor Bedard should go after cougars (women over 45 who are in a relationship with a man much younger than themselves). It didn’t go down well, and the clip was removed from Janssen and Strickland’s official media.

The thinking behind Janssen’s exit? A cougar isn’t going to fall in love with young Bedard, and she’s not going to bring trouble into his life. She’ll even make him drink good wine and cook good food (according to Janssen).

Well, we’ve found our Quebec Cam Janssen.

Max Bradette, a man of his time, went on the FM airwaves to say that female field hockey players aren’t feminine enough.

“I’m far from a pervert, but it’s “premonicious”. Generally, you look at tennis, basketball, athletics, they sell charm, they sell feminine beauty. I’m sorry, but women dressed as field hockey players, I don’t think that’s going to attract a lot of men.” Max Bradette

How can you not understand women’s field hockey in 2023, Quebec style? I mean… you may not like the rhythm, the lack of contact or the strategies of women’s field hockey (or men’s, because many women prefer to watch women’s field hockey, and that’s fine). But you don’t love a sport because of the beauty of its athletes, you bastard!

But Bradette went even further:

“I watch girls play field hockey, and then what I see is a gang of feminist protesters who want to show us that they’re just as good as the men. And I think it’s the opposite that should be taking their place, showing us that they can play field hockey, but still be women.” Max Bradette

Women should stay women, not try to be men… according to Ti-Max.

Are you serious?

But hey, he ends on a high note, pointing out this:

“There’s nothing perverse about being normal […] saying I like women, I like beautiful women.”


But the best part is that the host agrees with him… even wondering how we’re going to reproduce if this doesn’t happen

Hats off to Olivier Niquet and his researchers for coming up with this. It’s candy (in the bad sense of the word, but candy nonetheless).

Note that Paul Houde, who appeared alongside Olivier Niquet in his column on ICI Radio-Canada’s La journée est encore jeune, couldn’t believe his eyes either.

“We’ve gone from women’s field hockey to reproduction. – Paul Houde

I love seeing BPM Sports give its star morning host the right to appear on other shows… on other competing stations. Non-competition clauses are there to protect big business, but they can be detrimental to the content delivered to listeners. Why pull at each other when we can help each other?

That’s the spirit, isn’t it? Call me poet Truman for the day.

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