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(Very) racist remarks: Sabres owner defends himself
Terry Pegula, owner of the Buffalo Sabres, is currently in hot water. Why is he in hot water? Because of his role as owner of the Buffalo Bills in the NFL.

Right now, there’s a lawsuit against the NFL due to discrimination. It was filed by a former NFL columnist , Jim Trotter.

We’re talking about a man who, as luck would have it, had his contract not renewed in his position after openly questioning the lack of minority hires.

Among other things, Totter’s dossier claims, as reported in the DailyMail, that Terry Pegula and Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ powerful owner, made some very racist remarks. What kind of remarks?

If black players don’t like it here, they should go back to Africa. – Terry Pegula

If blacks feel a certain way, they should buy their own club to hire who they want. – Jerry Jones

My phone rang while I was writing this. I answered and it was the 1980s. Even they wanted nothing to do with seeing the two men again.

You’ll understand that once such things come to light, it’s hard to have any respect for the gentlemen. If it’s all true, it’s horrible.

Back to field hockey news, in the last few hours, the Buffalo Sabres shared a note from their owner. And as you can see, it’s a heartfelt message.

I got another call, by the way. It was from a guy named “My Little Finger” who told me that the Sabres owner had written his message with his friend Mr. GPT, whose first name is Chat.

Mr. Pegula says he’s horrified by people who think he’s his type. He believes racism has no place in our society and can’t believe he’s associated with such a complaint.

I’m honestly convinced.

Let’s not forget that more and more people tend to forget that it’s 2023. Whether it’s comments about Connor Bedard, women’s field hockey or NFL owners, there’s still work to be done.

To say the least.

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