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Cole Caufield really wants to be a leader for the CH this season
This summer, Cole Caufield broke the bank.

He agreed with Kent Hughes on the terms of an eight-year contract ($7.85 M per season), a deal that will pay him $62.8 M for the duration of his pact.

Some say it’s a lot for “a player who hasn’t proven anything in the NHL”… while others think it’s a steal. I’m in the second group.


We agree that this contract comes with responsibilities. Not only does Caufield have to show that he can be consistent and perform under the pressure of his contract… but he also has to lead by example, given that he’s one of the club’s highest-paid players.

And he knows it. Very well, in fact. In answering reporters’ questions this morning, he really emphasized that he wants to be a leader in the CH room this year. He knows he’s got what it takes, and since everyone in the dressing room loves him, I think it’ll be easy for him to fit into that role.

That’s where he’s at in his progression.

It’s worth noting that the little striker talked about his shoulder, which no longer hurts and is in great shape. He feels “stronger” than before and has worked hard this summer to stay in shape.

That’s why he gave a big smile when one of the journalists present at the Canadiens’ tournament told him that he “looks bigger and more massive”:

Caufield talked about the great chemistry between the players right now… And Nick Suzuki, who spoke right after him, agreed.

The guys get on so well together that they’re excited in the morning when they go to the club’s sports complex. They like to see each other, they have fun as a group all the time, and the fact that a lot of them are young helps them stick together.

It’s great to see. By the way, several of the guys spent the summer in Montreal, and some of those who didn’t made it still got to town early. It gave the guys a chance to see each other and rub shoulders for a good part of the summer… And obviously, that helps with the group’s relationship.

There’s one element in particular that interested me in Nick Suzuki’s comments. Asked about Jeff Gorton’s refusal to talk about the “P” word (playoffs), the captain confided that, in the eyes of the players, it’s no big deal.

It doesn’t matter because it won’t change the way they behave on the ice. The players know they have a job to do, no matter what management thinks… And that’s the right mentality to have.

If they all work to 100% of their abilities, the results will start to come. That’s the mindset the players share for next season, and we have to respect that too.


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