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David Ettedgui projects William Nylander signing for Montreal in 2024
On the latest episode of the Sick Podcast, David Ettedgui delivered a rather interesting exercise to Tony Marinaro. The former player agent had fun projecting the line-up of a Stanley Cup-winning Canadiens in 2027, four seasons from now.

While there are many interesting angles to analyze in terms of the CH’s current prospects and players, and how they’ll look in a few years’ time, there is one oddity in Ettedgui’s line-up.

On the right wing of the first trio is William Nylander, projected as a signing in the summer of 2024, when the Swede will be released from his contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Does he really think he’ll sign for Montreal? He hopes so.

“I hope they sign him. They absolutely need a player, and they don’t have any in their system right now, who has that extra notch to his game.”

-David Ettedgui

That said, there’s a difference between hoping and believing it’s a real possibility. Does he really believe in this possibility? It’s a complicated question. Let’s not forget that, before seeing him leave on the free-agent market, Brad Treliving could do everything in his power to trade his services without losing him for nothing.

“The Leafs are never going to trade him to the Habs. If Toronto can make a deal, he won’t come to Montreal. But the problem is, if they want a good return for Nylander, it has to be a sign-and-trade. But from what I understand, he has very high expectations for his next contract.”

-David Ettedgui.

In other words, a team might be reluctant to pay the big price, in terms of salary, in addition to offering the Leafs some interesting pieces. In the end, clubs will know that Toronto won’t be able to afford it. It’ll become a war to see who’s most eager to acquire him, and how much his exclusivity and the eighth year of his contract will cost.

And if the Leafs decide that the price to pay is a lowly first-round pick, we repeat: they’ll never send him to their division rivals.

In fact, Tony Marinaro mentions that he would never spend such an exorbitant amount of money on a winger. However, should he reach the free-agent market, it’s worth remembering that Kent Hughes had mentioned he was willing to overpay to get the player he wants.

As the Maple Leafs’ offensive third string, Nylander has had just one season of point-per-game production, with 87 points in 81 games this season, and came close last year with 80 points in 81 games.

Is he worth the money he’ll command? Would he shine as a club’s main offensive piece? All good questions, but… As of today, a project we wouldn’t bet our house on… Or even a $20 bill lying around.

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