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RUMOR! Louis Jean to replace Alain Crête in fall 2024
The Quebec sports media scene is constantly evolving. Things change fast, let’s put it that way… and that’s even more the case when the industry is going through difficulties (as it is right now).

Alain “Le Baron” Chantelois himself announced this week on the La Poche Bleue podcast that RDS had not renewed his contract. We were seeing less and less of him on L’Antichambre, and his 5 à 7 appearances weren’t necessarily what drew listeners to the show. And he spent several months a year in Florida, so…

I’m not saying he was bad… just that he wasn’t a must-see.

Louis Jean has agreed to host a show every Sunday from now until the end of 2023. He’ll be on air from 11:00 a.m. on 98.5 FM Montréal.

Many wondered why Louis Jean – who was rumoured to be moving to BPM Sports just a few weeks ago – had accepted this small offer from Cogeco.

Well, I think I just found the answer.

According to a reliable and well-informed source, Louis Jean has agreed to become Patrick Lagacé’s sports guy when Lagacé replaces Paul Arcand in the morning, starting in August 2024. Remember that Alain Crête will be leaving at the same time as his good friend Paul Arcand. I’m conjugating in the conditional tense, because for the moment, I’m still looking for confirmation/second sources.

Louis Jean is said to be the next Alain Crête at 98.5 FM.

(Credit: YouTube)
But given the strength and credibility of my (only) source, I’m very comfortable sharing the information with you, which I’m still classifying as a rumour for the time being.

Jean would have been chosen after a rigorous process during which several applications would have been evaluated. The possibilities of hiring Meeker Guerrier, Raphaël Doucet (who spent the summer at 98.5 FM) and Yannick Bouchard are all said to have been discussed at one time or another in Cogeco’s offices. What a line-up!

Paul Arcand will hang up his microphone at the end of the current season. His market share continues to grow… and believe me, there are some unhappy people inside the company. Many executives are worried that the drop will be too big when Patrick Lagacé succeeds Arcand. Don’t replace someone like Paul Arcand just yet…

Will Louis Jean join Patrick Lagacé on the comeback show in January?

Of course, I don’t need to remind you of all the controversy his departure from TVA Sports caused, right?

At the time of writing, Louis Jean, Yannick Bouchard, Meeker Guerrier and Raphaël Doucet had not returned my messages. The same goes for Cogeco management.

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