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Quentin Miller: CH hopeful to release music album in September
Quentin Miller was one of three goalies drafted by the CH in the last NHL amateur auction, the other two being Jacob Fowler and Yevgeni Volokhin.

What we do know about him is that he’s a 6-foot-2 goalie who moves very well in net. He played for the Quebec Remparts in 2022-2023, his first QMJHL season, and was the team’s second-choice goaltender behind William Rousseau.

In terms of his personality, however, we’re entering a bit into the unknown. Fans haven’t yet had a chance to get to know him, but that will come with time.

It comes a little out of nowhere…

But today we learn that the CH hopeful is making music. The Montrealer will release an album on September 15, a project called “Sounds of My Thoughts”.

As the Habs Fan TV boys wrote in their tweet… He’s a man of many talents, Quentin Miller :

Let’s just say it’s not the news I was expecting today, but still.

It’s really cool, honestly.

By the way, for those who are interested… You can pre-record your album on Spotify. I’ll put the link right here.

Clearly, players need to find a way to unplug at some point, and it’s nice to see that Miller chooses music to do just that.

It’s important to be able to think about something other than field hockey, because that’s not all there is to life either. Some people like to play video games, others like to go out and attend events…

Quentin, on the other hand, decides to write songs in his spare time, and that’s a credit to him.

Once again, I think it’s really nice.

In short

– Toby Petersen becomes Avalanche skills coach.

– There are some good ones.

– Jays reunite with Bo Bichette.

– Oh 👀

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