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Junior Team Canada 2018: investigation still ongoing, London police say
Credit: COVID-19: Reality may not be as beautiful as Gary Bettman claims.

Still, we’ve been waiting long enough to see the results of the investigation into the alleged Team Canada junior gang rape in 2018.

Since June, we’ve known that Gary Bettman, via an NHL investigation, has the information he needs to issue a report on the subject. No word on whether it will be available soon.

Many may think that suspensions will be announced soon, since some of the guys in that edition have suddenly made their Instagram accounts private in the last few hours. Is it enough to conclude anything? No.

But the NHL isn’t shy about taking its time, and if the optimal time to publish everything hasn’t arrived, it’ll wait.

And I don’t know how easy it is to conclude that concrete results will be announced soon, since the London police haven’t even completed their investigation.

This is what Raphaël Guillemette, who works for Radio-Canada, reports.

Of course, the NHL is not a police force and it’s possible that its in-house investigation ended before the Ontario police investigation. In any case, I’d like to think that the NHL and the police worked together.

That would be logical, at least.

But still: I don’t know to what extent the NHL can sanction players before the police have been able to do their job properly and to the end.

Will we hear anything by the start of the season? Your guess is as good as mine.

Let’s not forget that the London investigation was reopened in 2022, when public pressure made the story important again. Otherwise, who knows if the whole thing would have evolved.

We’ll keep you posted.

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