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No, Nicolas Deslauriers and Carter Hart are not members of the Canadiens
In the last few days, the Montreal Canadiens have been experiencing minor problems with their official application. Honestly, these things can happen to anyone.

But it made for some funny moments.

For example? According to the Habs application, Cam York, Felix Sandstrom, Ryan Ellis, Rasmus Ristolainen, Carter Hart and Nicolas Deslauriers are all members of the Habs.

You thought the Habs had payroll problems and congestion in front of the net? That’s nothing compared to the scenario when the Flyers gave us players.

Of course, at a glance, we can see that these guys don’t all have 92 points on the books, which reinforces the bug theory. We also see that it’s impossible not to have heard about what would clearly have been the deal of the summer.

Plus, a little digging reveals that the Habs can’t play six games in six nights either. There have been problems with the application in terms of line-up and schedule status, and it’s really clear to anyone who pokes around for two seconds.

But that’s where the crazy rumors come in. Why? Because for some sites, made-up rumors can bloom like a Rhododendron in its prime, which is late spring.

Yes, I knew that by heart.


All this to say that “rumours” were born that this was the beginning of something that would make the Habs possibly think about maybe dropping a call…

No. Let’s agree on one thing: the CH doesn’t need to go after the very injured Ryan Ellis, the Flyers’ goaltenders(the CH didn’t want Carter Hart earlier this summer) or Nicolas Deslauriers, who would be blocking some guys’ place on the club’s roster.

Unless, of course, these guys really have 92 points on the board. In that case, I want them all. Right now.

I don’t blame those who were wondering, since it’s normal to wonder when you see it on the Habs site. But to create a rumour out of it? There are limits to bad faith.


– One game for Kevin Mital.

– Really?

– Well deserved, indeed.

– Good question.

– A name to keep an eye on.

– Once a winner, always a winner.

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