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KHL: contractually, he’s not allowed to play against the team that traded him

Trading a player isn’t always easy. After all, sometimes we’re talking about a guy who can make an interesting impact, and some clubs don’t want that to work against them.

And in Russia, two teams have probably found a way to ensure that a transaction doesn’t hurt too much .

According to what the KHL itself has reported, Alex Khokhlachyov, a player who now plays for Khabarovsk Amur, can’t play against his former team, Moscow Spartak.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this, but it’s pretty special.

The Moscow club added a clause to the effect that Khokhlachyov is not eligible to play against them. So, under the terms of the deal, he can’t play against his former club.

Amur’s CEO made the announcement.

Even though the former Bruins prospect is a good player and healthy, he couldn’t take part in one of his team’s games. That’s pretty special.

Note that the Moscow club won yesterday’s game 5-3.

Imagine if this rule were implemented in the NHL. It would be special to see a player forced to the sidelines because his former club doesn’t want to play him. The coaches wouldn’t be happy.

That said, this rule would probably only apply to star players. And normally, when a star is traded, it’s to a team that’s going nowhere and for whom defeat is less serious.

I say “normally” because it’s not a certainty.

Unless, of course, you see clubs trading Ryan Reaves from this world and not wanting to face them to protect the players’ health. But anyway, it’s all hypothetical.

In bursts

– I understand.

– He’s too strong.

– Oh well.

– Well done.

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