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Owen Beck: bigger and meaner than the player we saw with the CH last year

Owen Beck is a great prospect. As early as last year’s rookie camp, we all realized that this guy could very well have been a first-round NHL pick, given his good habits on the ice.

Aside from his talent, he’s responsible on the ice and a good little guy. #IdealGroom

Yesterday, Renaud Lavoie met the young man on the sidelines of the NHL showcase , and what he took away from it was not simply that he still wants to make the NHL this year after camp.

What he learned was that he’s grown.

The journalist mentioned, during his column on BPM Sports, that Beck really looks more imposing right now than the player who played his first NHL game last winter.

And that’s good news.

The bottom line is that the player is going to be able to get his nose dirtier and dirtier. He’s slowly losing his baby fat and replacing it with NHL muscles.

He’s going to be “hard to play against” next year, and that’s good news. Why? Because he’s developed a taste for getting meaner on the ice in the playoffs.

He said that in last year’s OHL playoffs, he and his trio made the decision to play physical and get in his opponents’ faces . It worked, as the Petes made it to the Memorial Cup…

But above all, he got a taste for it.

Which means that while he’s still the same nice guy in everyday life, he’s now better equipped to make a difference on the ice. That’s good for the CH.

Imagine Beck with more chest, more dog in his game and a year more experience. He’ll be formidable in the OHL – because no, I don’t think he’ll spend the year in the NHL at 19, given the CH’s depth – and Hockey Canada will love him too.

In gusto

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