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Official NHL announcement: 272 games to be broadcast on TVA Sports
In Quebec, for several years now, the broadcasting of National Hockey League games has been shared between two competing television stations: RDS and TVA Sports.

The two rivals present different NHL games throughout the season.

You’ll never see the same game broadcast on both stations.

And when highlights from a game that was broadcast on RDS, for example, are used, well, TVA Sports takes the highlights from an English-language network, and therefore with English-language commentators.

All this to say that Quebec fans have no choice if they want to listen to a game in French.

It’s either RDS or TVA Sports.

As for TVA Sports, the NHL recently made an announcement concerning the games that will be broadcast there.

There will be 272 NHL games broadcast on TVA Sports this season.

Of these 272 games, which will be split between TVA Sports and TVA Sports 2, there will be 22 CH games, 21 of which will be Saturday night games.

The other game, of course, is the huge October 14 opener against the Chicago Blackhawks and Connor Bedard.

Speaking of Bedard, TVA Sports will broadcast 31 games involving him.

So, once again this year, CH fans won’t have to wonder which broadcaster is showing which Tricolore game.

RDS on weekdays and Sundays, and TVA Sports on Saturdays and for the opening game.

Among the 272 games broadcast on TVA Sports, it should be noted that there will be 41 games involving one of the Tkachuk brothers, Brady and Matthew, including a clash between the two on November 27.

TVA Sports will also broadcast 39 Edmonton Oilers games, allowing Quebec fans to see Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl in action.

In short, there will be some great games to follow on TVA Sports.

Can’t wait for field hockey to return!

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