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AHL: the CH could give one of its goalkeepers the Shane Wright treatment
The goaltending issue continues to be the talk of the Habs. After all, as we speak, the Flanelle have four goalies to start the year in town.

And at last count, everyone is healthy.

We know that Cayden Primeau will make the ballot, that Samuel Montembeault has been told not to worry, that Jake Allen is also safe (by force of circumstance, perhaps?)… and that Casey DeSmith is in waiting mode.

Everything points to him being the first to leave the Habs. The plan may change, of course, but it’s logical to think that Casey DeSmith is the man to go.

But for how much longer? After all, we know that the market for goaltenders is currently very dead, and DeSmith has been told to be patient.

That said, according to Jonathan Bernier (JdeM), all indications are that the Habs failed to trade DeSmith in a deal that was to be completed in the days following Jeff Petry’s deal with the Red Wings.

It may take an injury elsewhere in the NHL, but there’s clearly a possibility that the Habs will have to start the season with three goaltenders. It’s an idea nobody likes, of course. After all, only 13 forwards and seven defensemen could make the club.

That said, Jonathan Bernier has brought some good thinking to the table.

In reality, if the Habs always have the same third goalie in the stands, not playing for a while could make him eligible for a two-week fitness course in the AHL.

And if memory serves, that’s what the Seattle Kraken did with Shane Wright last year.

Obviously, it’s not the same in the sense that Wright couldn’t go to the AHL because of CHL rules and the Canadiens’ goalies can, but with the ballot… but we understand the principle.

If one of the goalies (surely DeSmith) had to spend time in the stands, the CH could send him to Laval for two weeks to call up one more extra.

The JdeM journalist also notes that before mid-December, the Habs will have only two one-game trips on the menu. Recalling guys from Laval can be done easily – and at the last minute – when everyone is in Quebec.

And it will give Kent Hughes time to work.

In brief

– He’s off to Bridgeport.

– Women’s field hockey is the talk of the town.

– Ouch.

– What will the Alouettes do?

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