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PWHL plans to establish a policy for transgender athletes

Earlier this week saw the inauguration of the new women’s professional field hockey league, the PHWL.

The cities of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York, Boston and Minneapolis will have their own teams, which is good news for the growth of women’s sport.

We’ve been working hard to get this project off the ground for a long time, and to see it come to fruition is a step forward, no less.

The cool thing about the creation of the league is that teams will participate in a fantasy draft. We’ll draw lots to see which team gets the first pick… And that team will have the luxury of drawing from the pool of the world’s best players.

Marie-Philip Poulin is the obvious choice… But you get the idea.

Where it gets particularly interesting, though… is when we learn that the league is going to establish a policy for transgender athletes. Not to ban them… but to include them in the league.

OK. I know this is a pretty “touchy-feely” topic, but there’s something about this that bothers me.

Women have been fighting for years for women’s field hockey to get some visibility. And now, a few days after the creation of the league… We want to create a policy to allow biological men to play?

It seems to me that there’s something wrong with all this.

The point being this: I have(really, really) no problem with transgender people on the planet. They have the right to be free like every other human on earth and they do what they want, in the end.

But why would we want to include biological men… In a women’s league? Do you think it’s fair?

Their policy should be zero tolerance because men shouldn’t play against women. I’m not saying this to put anyone down, and the purpose of my message is not to hurt anyone.

It’s just not fair.

Connor McDavid decides tomorrow morning that he’s going to become a woman. Does that automatically mean he’d be eligible to play in the PWHL? As if that’s fair to girls.

It’s a shame, in my eyes, because it completely spoils the beauty of the news. It’s a women’s league.


– That goes without saying.

– I wish him well, because we’re talking about a wicked good field hockey player.

– What a beautiful Blackhawks logo.

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